About the Alps

The Ballard Alps has been Carl Purdom, Stephen Godbe and Larry Madison for over 10 years.  We love playing together and love the music we play.  We feature original music and covers of songs which lend themselves to acoustic renditions and vocal harmonies.  We've been known to take a modern rock song, geezerize it, and come up with an interpretation that is classic Ballard Alps.


Carl Purdom provides the foundation for the Ballard Alps.  His primary instrument is the bass, but he will showcase his chops on mandolin, guitar, and harp.  Of course, his vocal harmonies are the crucial third in the Ballard Alps three part harmonies.  Carl and Larry have been playing music since high school, which is considered pre-history. 

Carl resides in Spokane, and finds a way to make that I-90 slog any time a Ballard Alps gig rears its head.  





Stephen Godbe has a checkered musical past.  His granny gave him a Stella for his 10th birthday and he's been playing and singing since.  Weaned on the Beatles, Peter Paul & Mary, and Bob Dylan, he graduated through the 60's and 70's playing and singing every conceivable genre of music; always in a band, playing with friends, and refining his chops in college coffee houses.

Today, he plays guitar, banjo, mandolin and uke and keeps up the musical exploration by attending guitar camp every summer (PSGW...check it out).  Vocals have always been his primary focus and he loves being part of a harmonizing group of voices whenever possible.  It's a gift being able to work with Larry and Carl (over 10 years!) and crank out some sweet sounds.

Stephen is pictured with one of his custom guitars.  He has been building custom guitars and ukuleles since 2008.  His guitars can be seen at stephengodbe.com.


Larry Madison has a herring-bone musical future. Larry has also been playing music since before electricity. Growing up in Oregon, no garage was safe as long as he could plug in an amp, and gather a group of musicians to form a band. Larry has a degree in Music, which has done him as much good financially as Stephen's degree in Mathematics. Larry is known for his bravado and dynamic range, vocally and instrumentally.

Larry is a multi-instrumentalist, and is expanding the repertoire of the Ballard Alps with his new friend, the Uke. Put any instrument in front of Larry and he will squeeze out some nice licks. Vocals are the driving force behind Larry's music, and no song is complete without the opportunity for harmonization.

Musically influenced as much by Mozart and Copeland, as he is by Jethro Tull and Yes, he is always trying to put a personal twist on songs he likes. While The Ballard Alps feature mostly covers they have bent to their unique Phinney Ridge style.  Watch for some Madison originals to start filtering into the mix.

Performance Venues

Hale's Palladium

Georgetown Stables

Gypsy Cafe

Laughing Ladies Cafe

Melody Cafe, Portland, Oregon

Stoneway Cafe

Tim's Tavern